Terpene-Infused Topical Cream with Essential Oils & Superfood Theobroma Cacao for Pain Management and Recovery (4,000mg) (100ml) (Unisex)

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Strong and Potent Topical for Pain Alleviation & Fast Muscle Recovery

Packed with superfoods, essential oils and terpenses these creams offer a comprehensive solution for your joint and muscle needs while alleviating joint and muscle pain around the body. Excellent as a massage cream for back, shoulders, knees, neck and more. 




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18 May 2021
amier n.
United Kingdom
Magic cream

At first glance you may think this costs a lot, however, the pain relief I receive for my chronic back pain is unrivalled. I have tried many other products from recommendations down to trial and error and nothing works this well in 30 minutes of application. I would recommend to anyone suffering from lower back pain.

25 Apr 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Say goodbye to pain

WOW Works fantastic, the moment I received this cream it when straight on me. I was amazed that Within 20 mins my shoulders and back where not so painful. It took away 90% of my pains. It's just magic cream and I have trouble sleeping to to mental health problems.my husband put this cream on me last nite and OMG. Recommend buying.

01 Mar 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
A must by for pain relief

i have multiple broken bones in my arms and legs from motorbike accidents and from "living life" and I am amazed at how good this cream is for helping me to overcome pain. The cream is absorbed quick leaving no greasy feeling on the skin and the smell eases offer after some time. Difficult to describe the feeling but I feel protected and soothed 20 minutes after applying. Dare I call this a magic cream!

22 Feb 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
A must for back pain

I apply a few pea sized amounts of More Life Cream to my back in pain areas and then I rub in further with the included More Life Top-Up creams… when rubbed in I can feel a sense of relaxation, soothing and easing of my pain. Make sure you only put in the places of pain and use the Top-up cream to massage into other areas (as its cheaper!) if you want.


We have worked closely with experts to formulate this cream with the best known organic natural products that have historically been used for their anti-inflammation properties and their ability to heal, repair and restore your skin, muscles, joints and body.
Our creams work in many different ways and effects everyone differently. Our suggestion would be to try one of our 1000mg, 3000mg or 4000mg ranges if you are looking for more deep muscle/joint relief and recovery.
Yes they are! Ylang Ylang Oil and Eucalyptol which is the main scent of our creams. We have worked very hard with our lab team to bring you a cream that is among the very best.

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Boat and Mane More Life Creams have been specially formulated for the athlete and any person engaging in intensive exercise or sports to be able to add to their recovery routine to better aid in the recovery of your body, muscles and joints. 


Products have been meticulously selected for their recovery, heading and repairing properties, in the correct concentrations for best efficacy and effectiveness.