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Believe it or not, Boat & Mane CBD's most frequently asked question is not about our UK Award Winning and Clinically Proven CBD Dermatology Creams or our high-strength Deep Muscle & Joint Relief More Life Creams®, nor is it about our renound Novel Foods approved high-strength CBD Oral More Life Oil® and Serums, but is to do with the origin and meaning of our name. 


Boat & Mane CBD was inspired by UK Cockney Rhyming Slang and it is a daily reminder of our British heritage and products. Established in 2016, we see CBD as a holistic, 100% natural and organic alternative to many of today's artificial, commercially available products. Boat & Mane CBD is #1 for superior-quality, superior-potency, and superior-consistency when it comes to our products and CBD for health and wellness and all our products are vegan/vegetarian friendly and use organic high-quality ingredients. 


We consider our job well done when, and we take ultimate pleasure in, seeing and hearing about the benefits and changes our products make to the lives of our customer. Our aim to is help humanity live longer, happier, healthier more vitalised lives through the use of CBD as a medicine and as a holistic health and wellness solution.


Boat and Mane CBD About Us


Here at Boat & Mane CBD we see CBD and the cannabis plant as a medicine. We pride ourselves in being are an environmentally and socially conscious grower and producer of Hemp and CBD of the highest quality and potency.


Working in harmony and respect for the human spirit and life, we are dedicated to the continuous growth and developement of our customer and people. Our aim is to make CBD as accessible to as many people and so we have created our way to say Thank You each time you spend with us through our generous More Life Loyalty Points scheme that helps you always save when re-ordering and offers a way of receiving our most loved products for less, any time, and every time... and you can use them on already discounted products with or without discount codes.

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We are also passionate as a company about transparency around the cannabis plant and CBD, and are committed to sharing information about the enjoyment of CBD in a lifestyle of moderation and responsibility for a deeper, more natural experience of life.


One of the things we set out to do with all Boat & Mane CBD products is to give our customer the highest purity and potency when it comes to CBD. It has been long in the making and are proud to achieve our high-strength potency and consistency throughout all our products, every order, every time.  

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Our meticulous attention to detail when it comes to using the absolute very best hemp strains we cultivate on fully licensed and organic farms, means all our products are 100% organic and 100% natural, avoiding heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and any other harmful chemicals and farming processes traditionally used in the growth and cultivation of farmed plants.  


All our products pass the Novel Food registration for a broad-spectrum CBD formulation. This means every Boat & Mane CBD derived product you purchase gives you peace of mind when it comes to CBD purity and quality in our products. In other words, you are buying the very best on the market as per the UK and International Standard when you buy with Boat & Mane CBD.